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The 7 Best Ways To Leverage Digital Marketing For Your Real Estate Business

The digital age has given many industries a facelift, and real estate is no exception. Local agents can now use the internet to their advantage by creating an online presence with a website, establishing social media accounts, and leveraging digital marketing techniques such as SEO and PPC ads. There are many ways a local real estate agent can use digital marketing to their advantage – we’ve outlined 9 of them below!

1. Create an online presence

It’s never been easier for a real estate agent to have an online presence with the proliferation of Google My business, personalized websites, and real estate sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, HomeSnap, and Realtor.com. Creating an online presence needs to go beyond the stock website and/or landing page your local office provides every real estate agent. With the power of SEO combined with the largest search engine in the world, Google, a local real estate agent can stand out amongst the saturated market by simply asking all of their past and future clients for a review on their Google My Business account.

Our Recommendation:

Maximize Your Online Presence with Locally Sponsored Google My Business Posts

2. Establish you social media business accounts.

The trick to establishing your business on social media is by finding the platform you are most comfortable with. Many times, business owners and real estate agents have not adjusted to using social media for personal or professional purposes. Real Estate agents have the opportunity to showcase their business to their audience in all they do including market analysis, home staging tips, and how-to videos on “proper” etiquette when showing property and hosting open houses during a pandemic. 


By developing the habit of documenting your real estate business through your favorite social media apps you can leverage your social media credibility and turn your newly educated and interested followers into warm leads for years to come.

Our Recommendation:

Prioritize Facebook, since it is still by far the best social media platform for real estate agents, followed by LinkedIn and Instagram.

3. Pick a Niche

Picking a niche within your real estate market is something many agents are hesitant to do, however, it can help you get more specific with your marketing efforts. Niching will make it easier to identify your ideal prospects based on geographic location, demographic, residential or commercial real estate, and more. By narrowing down your niche and target demographic you will begin to identify your ideal prospects and maximize your marketing dollars.

Our Recommendation:

Ask yourself this question:

  1. What unique expertise do I have? (This could be knowledge of a specific geographic location or property type) 

    Example: Your niche could be selling duplexes in Long Beach, CA.

  2. Does this mean these or are the only types of properties you sell? No. However, being an expert in this area will make you stand out in your marketing and allow you to reach more people in this group.

4. Implement an email marketing strategy.

Digital marketing has the potential to make or break your business, so you must take advantage of digital tools to keep in touch with prospects and customers. There are several ways to go about implementing an email marketing strategy, but there are some basics which you should adhere to if you want them to be effective.

Our Recommendation:

Collect emails and phone numbers from online prospects with a simple appointment link.

5. Master your Customer Relationship Management software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software systems are highly valuable for local real estate agents, once you understand how to use them. Even the cheapest CRMs have a wide mix of database and pipeline management tools combined with marketing automation.

Our Top Recommendation: 

Utilize personalized messaging and dynamic automated messaging. With advanced triggers leads and prospects can be funneled into various drip campaigns that will allow you to add various touch points without having to do the work of manually following up with a phone call.

6. Create a sales funnel.

Real is a numbers game. There is no doubt about that. This is why leveraging digital marketing for your real estate business is more crucial than ever. If you research digital marketing enough then you probably came across the word “funnel” at one point or another. According to ClickFunnels, “Quite simply, a sales funnel is a series of online pages that are intentionally crafted to turn visitors into leads and leads into customers, step by step.” 

Our Recommendation:

7. Hire a Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. There are no true hacks to mastering digital marketing. The benefit of hiring 92STYLS as your marketing consultant is you get the benefits of leveraging your digital marketing for your business without having to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on marketing efforts that do not generate a positive return on investment.

My real estate business has benefitted from Justin’s ability to hear my vision and take that vision to the next level with his talent and expertise. He’s an asset for any growing business.

92STYLS | Marketing Consulting offers a variety of strategic solutions to help business owners and creative entrepreneurs achieve massive success through digital marketing. 

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